What Makes Stuyvesant Special?

In 2009, Tom Shanahan created a short film that describes what makes this place special.

“It is a place of history. Where Henry Hudson landed on his voyage of discovery four centuries ago. Where our long link to the past is appreciated and preserved. It is a place of great natural beauty and rural charm. Where neighbors share good company, along with good times. And folks look out for one another. A place where people understand our country is a force for good in this world, and honor those whose service made the freedom we enjoy possible. Here, fertile fields reward those who work hard to till them, and produce a natural bounty to nourish the body. And it boasts stunning vistas that sustain the soul. Few might even think that little changes here but the seasons. But we know how to preserve what matters. A great place to work, play and live. It is out town Stuyvesant.”