Test Your Knowledge of Stuyvesant History

Try your hand at answering these five questions.

  1. What transportation route was favored by both Native Americans and Dutch immigrants?
  2. Early roads often followed trails used by Native Americans. Which group called the east bank of the Hudson River home?
  3. South of Stuyvesant, the Kinderhook Creek joins the Claverack Creek. The combined waters (now called Stockport Creek) were once named for one of the earliest Dutch immigrants to settle in Columbia County. Who was he?
  4. Hamlets are clusters of homes within a township. Stuyvesant Landing and Stuyvesant Falls are two examples in the town of Stuyvesant. Name two other Stuyvesant hamlets?
  5. Name an agricultural product, once grown by both Native Americans and early European immigrants, which is still grown by Stuyvesant Farmers?

1. the Hudson River
2. Mohicans 
3. Major Abram Staats (Major Abram’s Creek)
4. Newton Hook & Poelsburgh
5. Maize / Corn

Juanita Knott, Town Historian