September 2012 Supervisor’s Report

Supervisor Knott’s Newsletter

I would like to share some information from town & county Government.

Stuyvesant Falls Hydro project is shaping up very well. National Grid was able to connect new power supplies on the Friday prior to the recent storm that now has crews very busy. This connection was required to allow Albany Engineering to complete their installation work. When I visited on Halloween day, the raceway had been opened to allow water leaving the turbines to return to the creek, final bearing placement was taking place on the generators, and they continue on the goal of producing power this year.

Highway Garage/ Salt shed project is nearly completed, again I encourage any residents to stop and visit sites both on Sharptown road as well as the location on County Rt 26A. Improvements made in this past year will benefit the town for many years to come.  While voters approved a bond resolution that allowed the town to borrow up to $845,000.00, we have completed the project and capped the borrowing at $700,000.00. Savings were maintained by our Highway department providing much of the work, and using money saved over time. We currently have bid request out to several banks for the most competitive rates on a long term bond. Closing set for November 16th 2012.

Budget 2013 As In most towns this time year we have been busy preparing the town’s 2013 budget. Our biggest challenge this year was to draft a budget a budget that would include a bond payment next year for the capitol improvements completed above. Even though voters approved the spending we still wish to maintain the tax impact as minimal as possible, as we all experience e the impact as well.

To achieve this goal of including a projected $75,000. 00 a year bond payment for the most recently completed capitol project in the 2013 budget, there have been no raises given to anyone on the town payroll. Changes to the health insurance provided to town highway employees, as well as reductions in engineering and legal costs have resulted in substantial savings. The bond for the town hall was paid off this year, and the scheduled purchase of a new highway department truck was achieved using reserve funding, no bond. At this point we have a preliminary budget with an increase in the amount to be raised at only $14,000.00.

New Web Site   One of my goals in becoming supervisor was to attempt to provide better communications. We are about ready to present an all new web site with many features that I hope will help in communications with residents. This newsletter being a part of that goal. As much as this new web site was a goal of mine, as I began to shop for a new web site, like many things I found that what I wanted to achieve was going to cost more that we had budgeted. I have the thank Deputy Supervisor Ed Scott, Councilman Brian Chittenden, as well as Councilperson Kelley Williams, as it was the fact that these three have done their jobs (very well I might add) all year with taking any pay from the town. The money budgeted for their pay is what is paying for this new web site for all of us to enjoy for years to come. Be sure to give them a thank you when you see them.

Comments: As Supervisor, I always welcome hearing from residents with concerns or ideas on how to improve our community. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Ron Knott

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