December 2013 News

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We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and Happy Hannukah. December is upon us and the craziness of the end-of-the-year has begun.

A quick review of the Basic STAR re-registration process shows the most current numbers that we have from the State tell us that as of 11/19/13 68% of Columbia County home owners have re-registered online or by telephone with NYS to keep their Basic STAR exemption. That leaves about 3,650 homeowners who still need to re-register by the 12/31/13 deadline. If you have a BASIC STAR Exemption, you must re-register online with NYS by Dec. 31st or you will lose the exemption for 2014. For those with Senior or Enhanced Star, this does not apply to you.

The December calendar has been updated. Please note that the Town Board meeting will be held on the 19th and will be an end-of-year meeting.

The Town of Stuyvesant

Sent 12/2/2013