October 2014

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Today is October 4th and the 27th anniversary of the freak snowstorm that left the better part of Columbia County in the dark for days. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing?

The calendar has been updated to reflect events scheduled for October. Leaves are falling, temps are going down, it’s getting darker earlier and Halloween is almost here. All of those things can only mean — the Pot Luck Dinners for the train station will be resuming on the 2nd Friday of the month (contact Marilyn Burch for additional information) and the Town’s Children’s Halloween Party is coming up on Saturday, October 25th 1-3pm at the Town Hall. Cathy Knott is Chairing the event and sign-up sheets are at the Town Hall for volunteers to help that day with set-up, or clean-up, or running a game, or baking treats. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Keep warm and we hope to see you at one of the upcoming community events.

The Town of Stuyvesant

Sent 10/4/2014