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After hearing comments at the Public hearing on the Town’s proposed Zoning Law, we have made a few changes to this local law. In our current Zoning Ordinance, there is no requirement for a site plan review for a Class 1 Home Occupation, therefore it is questionable that a permit may be required, but not clearly defined in our current law. Our current and proposed definition of a “Home Occupation” is quite broad and yet there seems no need to regulate a home occupation if there is no exterior evidence of such a use. We encourage and support residents’ use of their property as long as there is no impact on the neighbors. Class 1 Home Occupation has now been clarified and permit requirements have been removed.

We will reconvene the Public Hearing on April 6th, but if anyone has any suggested changes they would like to share, we would be glad to hear from you.

Ron Knott
[email protected]
758-6248 X 16

Sent 3/16/2017