Note on the Special Election

Good morning.

I wanted to inform everyone of a special Election that is approaching the voters of the Town of Stuyvesant. April 24th will be a special Election for an Assembly Member to represent Stuyvesant/Stockport, as well as many towns on the other side of the river. This position was previously held by Pete Lopez who last year took a job with EPA, and we have been without representation through this past budget cycle.

While this may not seem important to many of you in your day-to-day lives, I wanted to impress on you that as Town Supervisor it is important to have representation in Albany that I and the Town Board can communicate with. There are often issues being voted on in Albany that will inevitably affect all our day to day lives and or the function of town government.

I ask that everyone take a moment to get acquainted with the candidates and then a moment to stop by on April 24th and cast your vote, as it is important that Stuyvesant have a voice in the NYS Assembly. The Election is open to all registered voters in Town and polls are open 6am to 9pm.

Use this link for additional information and a sample ballot:
Special Election Info & Sample Ballot

Thank You
Ron Knott

Sent 4/7/2018