Allied Health Care Grant Application

April 16, 2020  

We have recently been notified that Allied Health care located in the falls near the bridge has applied for a Brownfield Cleanup Program Grant. We are aware that this property has historically been associated with industrial/manufacturing uses since the 1920’s. I know of a couple remediation programs at this site in the past several decades.

Apparently the current owner has identified some ongoing concerns and has applied to DEC for a Brownfield Cleanup program to mitigate some issues.

At this time the town has only just been notified of the process and been provided links to DEC web site that contains volumes of documents. I have downloaded and provided a scanned copy to be put on our web site that outlines the process that I felt gave us basic information. We are told that a full set of documents will be available at the Kinderhook Library, but of course they are currently closed to the public and we cannot access them.

The town is requesting that DEC extend the comment period due to current circumstances. I would also like to see someone provide the town with a public presentation when meeting as body allows, so that we all may gain a better understanding of the project and its impact to the community.

For additional information:  Allied Health Brownfield Clean Up Program Grant

Ron Knott
Town Supervisor
Town of Stuyvesant
[email protected]
758-6248 X 16