Website Updates

December 1st — and the weather is CRAZY!

We have recently added a new component to our Document Center on the Town website. It is a section called “Community Interest”. It will be used to announce events and information that isn’t necessarily Town related but will affect or be held in Town. For instance, there is a notice about the Stuyvesant Fire Company’s upcoming Bond Vote and associated information. There is also a posting requesting bids for Janitorial Services at the Stuyvesant Falls Firehouse. We are trying to help local organizations get the word out about their news and events. If you have something you would like included, please send it to [email protected] and it will go to Supervisor Knott for approval.

Town Officials recently met with members of the County Emergency Management Office and the local Fire Chiefs to begin the process of updating our Emergency Management Plan. One of the items discussed was the difficulty in reaching people who may have special or specific needs in the event of an emergency (snow storm, extended power outage). Special needs can be those who need electricity for medical reasons or seniors who live alone who need to be checked in on. There is a service through the Columbia County Department of Health where those with special needs can register (the form is on the website or registration can be completed electronically through the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department — Emergency Management Office). The form will also be available in the Town Clerk’s Office that can be completed and mailed. In the event of an emergency, the Town Emergency Management Coordinator would contact the County 911 Office and they, in turn, would notify the Department of Health so assistance could be provided to anyone who may need special assistance. The list will not be shared with Town Officials.

Another concern that plagues the Board is how to get the word out to people when there is an emergency. Please make sure you have signed up for emergency notifications at NYAlert. We will be able to send notifications to specific areas, if necessary.

Please follow us on Facebook for up-to-the-minute notifications of emergencies as well. It’s not always feasible to update the website remotely but our FB page can be updated by different Town Officials remotely.

We would also like to remind you that we continue to have hand sanitizer available in the Town Hall. Bring an empty bottle for a refill. We currently have 3 gallons left but may be able to get additional resources from the County. Refills are available from the Town Clerk during normal business hours.

If you are interested in regular COVID County updates, check out their APP — CCDOH. They update every afternoon.

We hope you are staying healthy and are enjoying this stretch of moderate weather.

Sent 12/1/2020