Temporary Rail Trail Closure

The high tension electrical transmission line that crosses AHET in Stockport, roughly halfway between Stuyvesant Falls and Rossman Road, is being rebuilt under a project known as New York Energy Solution (NYES). This is the power line way up in the air, that crosses AHET perpendicularly behind the LQK auto parts yard.

In order to safely string the new transmission wires, the AHET trail will be closed to through-traffic for a short period on one day (the closure is expected to be less than one hour). 

On the day of the closure:

  • NYES will install the attached signs at the New Street and Rossman Road trail entrances.  NYES will remove the signs once the installation is complete.
  • At the worksite, NYES will install the “Trail Closed” signs and post staff during the one-hour closure.

 The work is tentatively scheduled to occur the week of November 8. If the date changes we will let you know.