Did You Know?

Top ten fun facts about our Town of Stuyvesant.

  • The first Historic Stuyvesant day was in 1994, held at the sandbar, celebrating the newly restored bridge.
  • The north end of our town was known as Poolsburgh, named after the Vanderpoel family who settled there.
  • In 1939, the Stuyvesant-on-the-Hudson Garden Club was organized & still holds monthly meetings.
  • An 1873 map of Stuyvesant shows there were eight districts with schools houses marked “SH” in six different locations.
  • This week in history, in 1939 the Berlin Olympics were held & American athlete Jesse Owens shattered world records winning 4 gold metals.
  • Herodotus (c. 484-425/413 BCE), was a Greek writer who invented the field of study as “history”.
  • The first Town Board meeting was held in the new Town Hall in 2002.
  • Ferry between Newton Hook and Coxsackie was discontinued in 1939.
  • As late as 1850, the census showed there were 225 horses and 156 oxen on the 75 farms in town.
  • On August 9th 1944, the first Smokey Bear poster debuts. Because of this, August 9th is used as Smokey’s birthday.