Strippers Needed!

Hope that got your attention!

That’s paint stripper, as in the stuff one uses to take off old paint.

Why this strange request? Because the Stuyvesant Train Station is getting some of its old rooms painted, and old, crumbling paint must first be removed before the walls are beautified. So, we are wondering if you might have an old can of paint stripper in your garage– you know, that one you used to take the orange paint off of that old rocking chair? Chances are you haven’t used any of it since, so here is your chance to get rid of it/ donate it towards a good cause.

Here’s how: leave the old can(s) on the side porch of 56 Church Street in Stuyvesant. That’s the gray and white church with the blue doors..John Bosquet- Morra’s studio.

And, should you wish to contribute some labor as we finish up with the interior painting, we would be thrilled. Our train station is looking better all the time, so if you’d be able to help out with a few hours, please call John (518) 758-8884 or email him at [email protected].