New Town Board Documents

At the Town Board meeting on June 8, 2023 the Board adopted 2 Resolutions: Application for Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning Grant Program and Resolution on Record-Keeping Measures to Improve Energy Conservation and Efficiency in the Town of Stuyvesant . The Board also adopted Local Law #1 of 2023 “A Local Law of the Town of Stuyvesant Providing Real Property Tax Exemptions for Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Workers Pursuant to Section 466-A of the Real Property Tax Law“.

A Public Hearing has been scheduled for July 13th at 7pm to hear public comment on two proposed local laws: #2 of 2023 “Establishing Income Levels for Disabled and Low-Income Real Property Tax Exemption” and #3 of 2023 “Establishing Income Levels for Senior Citizen Real Property Tax Exemption“.

Links to all of the above documents can be found on the “Town Board Documents” page (go to the banner at the top of the page, hover on “Government” then hover on “Town Board” and another drop menu will appear — click on “Town Board Documents”)