Supervisor Knott, working with Congressman Gibson, has addressed residents' concerns about the odor at the riverfront from the railroad ties being stored.  The following link will take you to a letter from Supervisor Knott updating you on the status of that problem.


Amtrak Update from Supervisor Knott

In an effort to correct inaccuracies and provide the most up-to-date information to stakeholders, landowners, and citizens, we here at National Grid want to share the following with you.

You may have recently received or viewed an email from Scenic Hudson, an opponent to the much-needed transmission upgrades. Included was a misleading graphic of what the new transmission system would look like in the Hudson Valley. The graphic misinformed the public, rather than provide a fair assessment of the upgrades. The graphic shows the current lattice transmission structures standing approximately 80-90 feet tall. Scenic Hudson's graphic also shows the proposed monopole transmission structures standing at 120 feet tall.

This is not what National Grid proposed. The proposed monopole structure would stand approximately 85-90 feet tall throughout most of the route in the Hudson Valley. The structures would not be 30 feet taller as shown by Scenic Hudson.

Scenic Hudson should be claiming victory: DPS released the final staff report, stating that an upgraded transmission system should not be expanded outside of the current right of way, that there would be no new Hudson River crossings, and there would likely be fewer structures than currently stand.

Here is a link to National Grid's latest Power Line Proposal.

How the Proposal affects Stuyvesant

Columbia County Board of Supervisors

Chairman of the Board - Pat Grattan
Deputy Chairman - Kevin McDonald
County Attorney - Robert J. Fitzsimmons
Clerk of the Board - Gail DiCosmo
Deputy Clerk - Rebecca Leader
Assistant Deputy Clerk - Courtney Radley

ANCRAM - Arthur Bassin
AUSTERLITZ - Jeffrey Braley
CANAAN - Richard Keaveney
CHATHAM - Jesse DeGroodt
CLAVERACK - Robin Andrews
CLERMONT - Raymond Staats
COPAKE - Jeffrey Nayer
GALLATIN - Thomas Garrick
GHENT - Lawrence Andrews
GREENPORT - John Porreca Sr.
HILLSDALE - Arthur Baer

1st Ward - Sarah Sterling
2nd Ward - Edward Cross
3rd Ward - Ellen Thurston
4th Ward - William Hughes
5th Ward - Richard Scalera

KINDERHOOK - Patrick Grattan
LIVINGSTON - Kevin McDonald
NEW LEBANON - Michael Benson
STOCKPORT - Matt Murell
TAGHKANIC - Elizabeth Young

1. What transportation route was favored by both Native Americans and Dutch immigrants?

2. Early roads often followed trails used by Native Americans. Which group called the east bank of the Hudson River home?

3. South of Stuyvesant, the Kinderhook Creek joins the Claverack Creek. The combined waters (now called Stockport Creek) were once named for one of the earliest Dutch immigrants to settle in Columbia County. Who was he?

4. Hamlets are clusters of homes within a township. Stuyvesant Landing and Stuyvesant Falls are two examples in the town of Stuyvesant. Name two other Stuyvesant hamlets?

5. Name an agricultural product, once grown by both Native Americans and early European immigrants, which is still grown by Stuyvesant Farmers?

Answers: 1. the Hudson River 2. Mohicans  3. Major Abram Staats (Major Abram’s Creek) 4. Newton Hook & Poelsburgh 5. Maize / Corn

Juanita Knott - Town Historian