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A change in your property's assessment does not necessaily indicate that your taxes will change.  Your tax liability will be affected by several factors, including:  changes to school/county/municipal budgets, changes to assessments of other properties, changes to exemptions applicable to your property, and appointment of school and/or county taxes among multiple municipal segments.

You should examine the tentative assessment roll regardless of this notice or have discussions with representatives of the assessor's office.  If you disagree with your property's assessment, in order to protect your right to assessment review, you must file a formal written complaint on the officially prescribed form (RP-524), available from your assessor or online at NYS RP-524 Form, with your Board of Assessment Review (BAR) on or before Grievance Day:  5/30/2019 4pm - 8pm.

A publication entitled "Contesting Your Assessment in New York State" is available at the assessor's office and online at Contesting Your Assessment.  

Please note that your assessor and the BAR can only review your assessed value; they do not set and cannot adjust your taxes.  If you feel that your assessment is fair but your taxes are too high, your comments should be addressed to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction.

Grievance Day:  5/30/19 4pm - 8pm

Lynn Hotaling

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