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Lynn Hotaling


phone icon (518) 758-6248 ext. 21
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house 5 Sunset Drive
      Stuyvesant, NY 12173


Cathy Knott

Assessor's Clerk

Assessor Office Hours

Fridays 9am - 12:00 Noon
and by appointment


Clerk Office Hours

Mondays 6-8 pm
Fridays 10am - 12:00 Noon
Saturdays 10am - 12:00 Noon
and by appointment

ENHANCED STAR: Seniors will no longer receive renewals (Blue forms) from the Assessor. NYS Tax & Finance has taken this exemption over. They will confirm eligibility and continue to process your Enhanced Star annually.

If you receive a letter from NYS asking for more information, please respond to the address provided on their letter.

SENIOR CITIZEN EXEMPTION: Seniors will continue to receive a renewal (Pink form) in the mail from the Assessor. Please complete & sign the form and return it to the ASSESSOR prior to March 1 with income documentation.

If you currently have the BASIC STAR and are 65 or turning 65 in 2020 and would like to apply for the ENHANCED STAR, please visit the Assessor’s Office for an application and instructions.

If you currently do not have a STAR exemption on your primary residence, you should contact NYS to register with them : or 518-457-2036.

Please contact the Assessor with questions: 518758-6248 ext. 21