Maggie Banker
Dog Control Officer

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house 5 Sunset Drive
      Stuyvesant, NY 12173

There is a "leash law" in the Town of Stuyvesant.  That means, when your dog is out of your yard, he/she must be leashed.  

If you see a loose dog running or yours has "escaped", please call Mr. Powell at the phone numbers listed above.  He will do his best to not have to bring the dog to shelter for housing but it takes all of our community to help.

Please also consider having your dog microchipped.  For a relatively low cost, it could aid in returning your family member to you in the event that they find themselves lost.  Our Dog Control Officer is equipped with a microchip scanner and has a better chance of finding or returning your dog.

Dogs in NYS also must be licenses over the age of 4 month.  In Stuyvesant, the process is an easy one.  Bring your dog's updated rabies certificate to the Town Clerk's Office (only for the initial license so you can get the tag) and it takes a total of about 10 minutes.  She will ask you some information (your address, the dog's name, the dog's age, etc.) and you will leave with your license and tag.  The costs for licensing in Stuyvesant are $8 for spayed/neutered dogs and $15 for those that aren't.  Renewal reminders are mailed out quarterly and may be handled through the mail.


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