2020 Tentative Assessment Roll

A note from the Town Assessor, Lynn Hotaling:

The completed 2020 Tentative Assessment Roll for the Town of Stuyvesant was completed and filed on May 1, 2020. It may be viewed at www.stuyvesantny.us and www.columbiacountny.com.

With NYS currently in New York Pause, the Board of Assessment Review for the Town of Stuyvesant will meet to hear and examine all properly filed complaints in relation to assessment of Real Property on May 28, 2020, 4-8 pm via videoconference, specifically Zoom. Property owners are not required to be present during Grievance, however, anyone wishing to participate in or view the proceedings should visit www.stuyvesantny.us on or after May 1st to find the Zoom invitation.

Property owners needing to grieve their 2020 tentative assessment are strongly encouraged to submit their grievance application and supporting documentation prior to May 22nd to: Stuyvesant Assessor, 5 Sunset Drive, Stuyvesant, NY, 12173, or by emailing [email protected].

If possible, property owners should file their supporting documentation electronically so that it can be more easily shared with the BAR.

Property owners who wish to be heard by the Board of Assessment Review on May 28th, should call the assessor’s office (518-758-6248 ext. 21) prior to May 22nd to request a time at which they should join the video conference on May 28th. This will help to facilitate the process.

All grievance applications and supporting documentation must be filed no later than May 28th.

Grievance applications and instructions are available at: http://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/publications/orpts/grievancebooklet.pdf

Please contact the Assessor’s Office at 518-758-6248 ext. 21 with questions.

Sent 5/1/2020