Other Committees/Liasons

Bridge Committee Liaison

The Bridge Committee was established to work with the County on the restoration of the historic bridge in Stuyvesant Falls. Supervisor Knott is the Board liaison to the Committee.

Broadband Committee

Chair: Bill Schneider
Members: John Hutchinson, Lee Jamison, Carol Leber, Mike Sorisi, Josh Tucker, Christopher Griffith

Cemeteries Committee

The Cemeteries Committee administered by the Town Board are the Firwood Cemetery (Church Street) and Butler Cemetery (State Route 9J). The committee reports to the Town Board.

Co-Chairs of this committee are Councilman David Quinn and Cathy Knott

Regulations for Firwood Cemetery (Church Street) – Adopted September 2023

Environmental Management Council Representative

The representative to the County Environmental Management Council is Christian Sweningson and he reports to the Town Board.

Office for the Aging Liaison

Currently, there is only one County Committee Liaison, Richard Moran. We have an opening for another and they report to the Town Board.

Public Safety Committee Liaison

The Town Board liaison to the Public Safety Committee is Councilman David Quinn. 

Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee meets at 9am on the 3rd Saturday of the month at the Town Hall. This committee reports to the Town Board.

Chairperson: Councilwoman Kelley Williams
Committee Members: Kelley Williams, Lee Jamison, Cal Burch

Town Hall Committee

The Chair of the Town Hall Committee is Supervisor Ron Knott.

Zoning Revision Committee

Chair: Councilwoman Kelley Williams
Committee Members: Cody Williams, Agriculture; Tim Hotaling, Planning Board Chair; Kevin Haberland, ZEO/CEO; Margaret Pino, Zoning Board Chair; Amy Abbati, ZBA Member; Paul Cassidy, Citizen Member