Bicentennial Event

Vendor Fair & Fireworks Over the River

Stuyvesant is celebrating it’s Bicentennial and two events have been held this year — a well attended birthday party in April and a picnic in July with perfect weather. Our 3rd and final event will be held on Saturday, September 16th at the Stuyvesant Landing Playground.

The day will begin at 3:30pm with a vendor fair — currently there are 35 vendors signed up to attend — there will be handmade crafts, informational booths, snacks, and Stuyvesant information, artifacts, and souveniers. The vendors will continue until 6:30. ** We are still accepting vendors for the event — send an email to [email protected] to register. **

Fireworks are scheduled over the River at 7:30pm. Beginning at 4:00pm, traffic on Riverview Street and County Route 26A (from 9J down to the River) will be limited to only those that reside on the streets. At 6pm, those streets will be closed to all traffic other than Emergency vehicles. There will be no parking allowed along the sides of the roads. Parking will be at the Town Hall – overflow parking will begin at the playground when the vendors are done. The Town will provide golf cart shuttles between the Town Hall and the site of the fireworks.

The Schodack Landing Fire Company food truck will be next to the Railroad Station and will be selling food and drinks. Pico de Galo will have a taco truck set up in front of their business.